Play nest ship / jumping fish T10 genuine hit remote fishing play nest nest boat hook to send the ship hit the nest is automatic

Play nest ship jumping fish T10 genuine hit remote fishing play nest nest boat hook to
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Play nest ship jumping fish T10 genuine hit remote fishing play nest nest boat hook to
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Price range:201-500 yuan

Decades of history the technology is mature original classic – a variety of styles to play nest ship , there is always a right for you !

We have gone through 10 years of sales and marketing , customer feedback , technology development and innovation accumulation upgrade , the series Material sophisticated technology is mature, performance has stabilized , good combat performance , using the details in place , rarely fails, pro- big can rest assured to buy , look for jumping fish T10 logo.

T10 latest upgrade , using the T18 play nest ship \’s core professional shortage protection technology , to ensure that when the ship sailed away shortage hundred percent safe return .

Leading technology – to ensure that each ship sailing straight no yaw , forward and back play nest actinomycetes turn around easily manipulated ;Low center of gravity position hook scientific design , with lines sail more smoothly.

One exclusive core technologies : Mute still play nest + Time setting – remote control transmitter to play in the nest instruction

Later,After the boat two powerdoes not rotate , so that the boat is completely static state in accordance with the first set

The0.5 / 1/ 2 / 3 / 4 seconds to automatically select dump opening time , put down bait and fishing line . Features a boat

ToFishing floats beside the point or the precise location of a good tune played nest actinomycetes , and to avoid mistakes in the operation midway voyage

FightWaterloo , is a real quiet place using the details still play nest actinomycetes .

Available colors : red /Green/Blue

Factory spot : 16:00 photographed payment before the day of delivery

Quality first , service first, the whole network sales in the first !

2 -year warranty + long-term aftermarket parts support +7 days no reason to return

T10 anti- ship strong storms , unsinkable .

Gift bag and a waterproof guard boat , the bait light one , plus send exclusive spare propeller diameter of 3 cm 4 + spare anti Xicao cover 4 + spare buoy 2

Plus Zaijia SongThe latest upgrade all stainless steel parts to 1 part( Technological security in )

By reading long intellectual, fishing people live longer . Heart designed to embroidery, calm to fishing. Fall fish coming parade find food.Plus Give away+ Software copper high-gain antenna 1+Value of 30 Yuan Yu line 1 .

T10 uses multiple sets of molds for injection molding ABS + stainless steel brass fittings.

Hull , batteries, floats, remote control, electronic modules inside the boat with jumping fish identification to prevent counterfeiting , factory professional strength and genuine quality assurance.Contrast crackdown See the second half of the video

Important details include real contrast , the authenticity of the legislation is

Genuine T10 remote control boat hit the nest actinomycetes dump bounce when power is never rotating propellers , boat stationary state , can be accurately hit the nest , not tied fishing line

Boats in the fight counterfeiting nest actinomycetes dump bounce when power while turning the propeller , the ship will be allowed to spin cause play nest , winding fishing line, halfway play nest

More details contrast fake pages reveal the truth

Learn to play nest ship operation and function of the use of video , please click on the video to watch

After the purchase order number T10 series ship with upgraded T16 / T18 Series Professional fossa exploration fiberglass fishing boats to fight a discounted , T18 linked images

Some counterfeit goods means briefly exposing fraud :

A : three non Imitation: the poor quality of the hull and fittings unmarked , typical three non-product , non- shortage protection technology afraid the ship out of control , take the bike mounted LED lights flicker after boat anglers , boats are not electric cars, boats in the distance invisible lights still out of control.

Two : false bait tanks : Imitation us out of the small size , only to put Wong Lo Kat , Wahaha rice pudding fit

Three : Antenna fraud : using Taobao to sell toys everywhere antenna wire springs , remote control signal transmission is weak, a little distance can not properly control

Four : Power Motor Picture fraud : the so-called big brushless motor , is to take brush fraud shooting.

Five : Control circuit fraud : large circuit shell and tube heat up burning power three board already eliminated, our products and motor control circuits already low power consumption technology upgrade , please see our T18 large ship large current controllerBar, fully sealed smaller than a matchbox , this is the core technology advances

Six: Battery fraud : Imported battery is actually called shoddy imitation goods , indicating spray battery code meaning: a single 3000 mA battery , three parallel is 9000 mA , Coding of each battery is 3000MAH, or per section 18650-30A. If Coding is 26A or 22A is the meaning of 2600 mA and 2200 mA .Note:18650- behind the figures represent the actual capacity,And so on.

Seven: Maximum load false : The foam plastic pipe made buoyant float tube poor resistance , reckless vacuity truck , not a submarine boat

Eight : still play nest fraud : actual play nest noise, the power of the motor is spinning , spinning boat wrapped line , but can not accurately hit the nest.

Nine: sales fraud : false trading network of water army fake reviews + + doing all it can exaggerate to flicker unknown to anglers

Ten : History fraud : sell diet pills boast N -year history , no data are available purely flicker .

XI: shameless : counterfeit goods , theft shop details page text description , theft shop price performance profile picture tampered use .

Has the latest upgrade 6400/9600 mAh high-capacity lithium battery

Exclusive latest upgrade streamlined anhydrous resistancePropeller protective grille .

exclusive big overall buoyancy popular type of ABS injectionAnhydrous resistance balance buoys , sailing more smoothlyLarge buoyant load quickly fixed .Imitation ordinary foam pipe stopper son, big weight, small buoyancy , great resistance.

exclusive big truck design,Boat maximum load 1350 g , 980 g packed in the bomb hooks , wet corn 900 g , 820 g of dry corn .

exclusive ,Ultra-low center of gravity load bait, Low center of gravity is linked to long-distanceWhen sending Sea pole line boat sailing smoothly . Stainless steel large capacity feed tank

Exclusive Configuration T06 play nest ship large stainless steel tanks brass bait release 5KG level switches for boat hit the nest section T10 actinomycetes control , life more than a decade .

Exclusive years of professional play nest ship manufacturing historyMature technology,Real good product performanceInnovate, has been imitated never been surpassed.

perfect after-sales service and parts support .

Bought T10 boat anglers in the future , such as large-scale upgrade using T18 play nest ship , with the order number exclusive discounts.

Note: Genuine T10 boat hull , floats, all with TIAOTIAOYU battery logo printed on the remote control to play Wo operating diagram .

Details in place , the remote control with straps, which can effectively prevent the embarrassment of accidentally fell into the remote control .

Technical Features :

A : Specifications: length 43 × width 21.8 ( including floats ) × high 15cm Total weight : 1500 g . Material: Plastic Available colors ( green / red )

ProposalWhen navigating Length: 8 hours of continuous sailing ( 480 minutes ) as standard a set specifically for this section Hung Yu waterproof boats supporting large capacity 9600AMH (9.6A) lithium batteries ( genuineTIAOTIAOYUCoding logo )Uses for electric vehicle batteries and notebook batteries A grade battery cell manufacturingTotal price of 328 yuan including boat for long fishing boats using high frequency requirements for long life time of anglers .

Bait tanks designed to solve the ups and downs due to storms hull spilled bait midway problem .

Four : Action Function: forward, backward , left turn , hit the nest actinomycetes , night lights.

Five : remote control distance of about 300 meters . The actual naked eye visible distance of about 200 meters , far need binoculars assistance.

Seven: anti-wave performance 5-6

Eight: Speed ~ 1 m / s , depending on the load may be

Nine: night lights 3 , after the white around the former white. Built T18 shortage of professional play nest ship sailed protection technology , the ship never out of control.

Ten: Quiet navigation

XI: an important component of stainless steel in accordance with Hongyu play nest ship design and manufacturing standards : bait tanks brass solenoid switch for machine control , stainless steel screws, stainless steel mechanical architecture around a large buoyancy floats, to ensure the stability of its use of the life and work sex .

Product Packing List : boats, pontoon balance , remote control, remote control batteries , marine lithium battery , 220V charger, manual .

Has been imitated – never been beyond

Advantage of this section ship : Size small, portable, functional and practical , mature technology, this ship small but perfectly formed , such as the use of back function in small waters can control them , in the dark of night night function can identify the ship sailing orientation , then jack connection for easy replacement battery backup battery , suitable for close fishing auxiliary focus point play nest , sending lines, as well as long-distance hook or string to send bombs to lay bait the hook while feeding .

You can usually do not hit the nest as a boat when at home decorative furnishings , night after night to open three LEDs can be used as a night light in the room to use, lithium battery can continuously lit 15 days or so.

Disadvantage of this section ship : Only send with a fish line , bait and fishing line while running, sailing unstable under large waves , wind waves will shift the route.

Applicable anglers : one : hand rod fishing -based, centralized play nest auxiliary fishing spots . They need to send 1-5 pole to pay more distant sea waters predetermined point play to put the nest anglers fishing line , for example, some loose bait cast direct use of sea fishing pole easily when the air and into the water by the water Tiannvsanhua impact easily scattered bait , cast by the ship to complete the line is a good choice .

Two: Use simple and practical emphasis on traveling light and anglers . Boats can be placed directly on the package to carry.

Three : the popularity of belonging to amateur level and performance-demanding rally nest boat anglers .

We have to answer the most frequently asked anglers on this boat doubts problem.

A : boat will not exceed the remote distance or lack of electricity out of control does not really come back ? The actual remote control distance how far ?

Built T18 shortage of professional play nest ship sailed protection technology , the ship never out of control.

In the boat batteries and remote control battery power foot distance is about 300 meters situation , but to our vision is invisible to the naked eye the ship, 150 meters is our vision to see the ship can clear orientation , 200 meters above the fuzzy , and you need to assist the telescope . Expect more distant fishing by boatFriends please use fiberglass ship

Three : the boat will not turn ?

Upgraded version of the new boat will not capsize normal use , unless extreme weather .

Four: Will ship water damage ?

Boat waterproof seal has been done , if accidental water can be viewed through the transparent viewing window to the inside of the hull clear conditions, such as found in water vapor, water droplets can unplug the plug hole breathable rubber boat front of the drained water , then dry breathable dry. There are anglers will ask the water to go inside the cabin , will electrical short circuit ? This we have done just in case the technical processing , technical details of the inconvenience say so .

Can be added with wireless fish finder . This is a Chinese -made wireless display fish finder , through our actual test , can detect the size of the water depth and underwater terrain and fish . The wireless sensor can be directly linked to the remote control to play back in the nest ship , to achieve more long-range detection regimen fish love to know .

It is commendable that this fish finder wireless probes can be charged with supporting one end of the cable directly to the PC or mobile phone charger USB interface. A charge of about 20 hours can be used .

Chinese operation menu display enables quick mastery of anglers fish finder Use this section to understand the hydrological increase hooking .

Depth: 0.6-36 m

Detection angle : 90 degrees

Wireless distance : 100 meters farthest 60-

Operating temperature : -20-70 degrees

Receiver Power : 4 AAA batteries

Probe Power : Built-in lithium battery

Note: Tibet, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang , and in remote areas due to high freight courier , freight before making another deliberations.Need to make up freight difference , no deliberation photographed not shipped freight

Hong Kong, Taiwan , Macao and overseas need to see additional accounting shipping destination . Need to make up freight difference , no deliberation photographed not shipped freight

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