MY5-4,500WX5=2500W, 60cm*100cm(5 pieces/lot)Free shipping! warm wall with picture,Infrared heater(carbon crystal heater panel)

MY5 4 500WX5 2500W 60cm 100cm 5 pieces lot Free shipping warm wall with picture Infrared
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MY5 4 500WX5 2500W 60cm 100cm 5 pieces lot Free shipping warm wall with picture Infrared
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This item has a high quality. Very easy to tidy and also simple to use. Check out the individual guide that you can use it efficiently. If you have an individual restraints, always ask the vendor. This item has a sophisticated layout and also make your life comfortable.


1.Warm and comfortable-warm wall,easy to install, could be installed at the place where you want

Plane heat,heat transfers evently in the room,no dry air,no noise,comfortable.

2.Installing cost(experienced data)

Under normal room heat preservation,in China,take 100 square metre for example,wall heating panel 15.7/sqm,floor heating panel USD20.6/sqm

3.System service life

(1)Carbon crystal heating panel serve more than 50 years;no deterioration over time

(2)Thermostat can be used for about 3-8 years

4.Consuming expenditure(experienced data)

5.Repair expenditure

No maintenance needed

6.Energy consumption

Energu saving product,low power consumption because of high electric convertion rate

7.Heating flexibility

Fast heating,high flexibility

8.Decoration flexibility

(1)Wall heating panel clean installation and can be used as decoration of room

(2)Floor heating panel-installed in buildings


No noise,no dry air,and far infrared radiant is good to human body

10.Influence to human body

Far infrared radiant is healthy to human body,7. Far infrared is good to your health

11.Environmental impact

No any volatile or harmful emissions

12.Thermal efficiency :98%

13. product size: 60cm*100cm*1.5cm

14.Power , 500w per panel, totall power is 500*5=2500w

15. Carbon Crystal Heater adevantage

16. support AC110V+/-5% and AC220V+/-5%, normally we provide AC220V=/-5%,We could follow your require to make the input power voltage if you need.

17, Product parameters



Rated voltage





Alu frame




Ce, RoHS

Working life

>100,000 hours

Overheat protection


Electric conversion rate


Heating element

carbon crystal

Infrared heater type


Leaking current

below 0.01ma

Screen temperature


Heating area per pc



painting/picture/pure white


4.2 kg/pc


Wall Mounted, Freestanding


Intelligent Adjustable Thermosta OverheatProtection

B.Advantages compared to

Performance Carbon Crystal Heater Air-Condition Water Heater oil filled radiator
Life time 30 years and no aging 10 years 10-15 years 10 years
Installation Cost $800-1200 $1200-1600 $2500-$3500 $60-$300
Operation Cost
(100 sq.m. per month)
<$120 >$320 >$240 >$240
Energy Consumption Low electric consumption High electric consumption Large amount of hot water and heavy wastage High electric consumption
Heating Flexibility Convenient and flexible becoming warm rapidly Quick become warm and good flexibility Poor flexible Slowly warming
Decoration Flexibility Decorative ,various and personalized Parts of pipelines are exposed and in aesthetic Area-occupying and beauty-affected Occupy space
Comfortability Healthy,homothermic and moist comfortable Head warm while foots cold arid and nolsy Air dry Air dry
Electric Conversion Rate 98% 60%-85% 60%-70% 50%-60%
Healthy The far infrared is healthy to humans Easy to get air-condition diease the indoor dry air is harmful to humans’respiratory tract Dangerous oil
Environmental Non- pollution,there is not any materails harmful Air-pollution,equipment noise Enviroment pollution Enviromentall
y friendly

C.How many do you need for your room?

D.Install instruction,How do install?–could be installed at the place where you want

The heater panel could work with or without the thermostat.

If you need the thermostat, please check our store and send extra order to me.

E.Packing state

Package Includes:

1,heater panel 5PCS

2. screw and insert 20PCS,

3.cable with plug 1PC

F.Product details with HD pictures

G.Install the instance

All the free shipping product, If no special reminding of the buyer, it’s up to the seller to choose the transportation companies, if the buyer have special needs, please contact with the shopkeeper! Thank you

You have to see to it that prior to you acquire any kind of item you have actually currently seen as well as check out the consumer reviews of the item initially. By doing this you can be sure that you are getting the best product that will certainly suit your needs. Because this product has great high quality it is among the very best vendors on the market currently and also lots of people are advising this product to their household and also good friends. The only issue that lots of people observe in this product is that it has an extremely high price contrasted to various other products. People claim that it is just couple of as well as extremely pricey people could manage this product. Well they are partially true concerning the rate of the item but just what they do not understand is that this product is made with the finest materials as well as with the very best top quality this is why it has a greater cost compared to others. Nonetheless, these days this item is actually affordable for nearly everybody and also its a great buy for the cash. If it will only undermine your job and also will certainly not give you the kind of top quality that you need in the item, you don't need cheaper products. With the greater cost you can be sure that your cash deserves costs in this product.
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Precio de venta :  US $430.80 / lote
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